Terms and Conditions

Stockarch Contributing Photographer / Illustrator Agreement

By uploading to stockarch you confirm that you own copyright over the images or illustrations you upload. Images you upload must meet our image standards. All accepted media will be assigned a creative commons 3.0 attribution license, visit creativecommons.org for more information.

You retain full copyright over all images uploaded to the site. Stockarch will only use your full resolution images on this site. Images are at present only published on stockarch.com, this may also include lower resolution preview images on external sites which display feeds (rss or similar) of search results and new uploads to stockarch. Preview images in search results/feeds on partner sites are still required to attribute or link back to the photo page on stockarch under the creative commons license applied to those feeds.

Age of Majority
By signing up as a contributor you confirm you are of legal adult age in your county.

Any hyperlinks that you may optionally include in image descriptions or your profile must meet our photographer linking policy, and contain legal content.

You may edit any of the images you have uploaded at any time, in doing so they will be placed offline pending review of the changes made.

You may delete any or all images from your account at any time using the image manager

You may remove your profile completely from the site by contacting support and including your username and email address and specifically requesting account removal.


Contributor Privacy Policy

Stockarch will not sell any details that you store on the site (your email address is safe with us!)

Site and Image use terms