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Backdrops with Bite

Anyone who has visited my site at will know I have a passion for anything grungy or sparkly. This photo essay comes from my dirtier side....

Coral Textures

Fascinating macro images of coral growing on tropical water reefs. More images like this in my portfolio

Architectural Closeups - Details of Design

Architectural ornamentation and details. I have more images from this series on my site at - enjoy!

Night Train

A series from my free abstract stock photography collection depicting aspects of a trip on an almost empty late night train service

Spinning Light

A few images from a collection of light painting photos I've been creating. These are from the same series as the zip file I have (shamless self promtion) just uploaded to deviantART -

Organic Abstracts

This is a sample of the images from my latest design pack.

Organics is a collection of images inspired by nature and natural forms. You can find all the images (and higher resolution versions) on my site in the design packs section

Light Tails

 I've recently been experimenting with long exposure / playing with light images. Below is a series from my second batch of "light painting" photos

Time for a Stretch

 A simple effect to create in photoshop, take an image the palette of which you like and crop it to just one pixel in a single dimension (so you have a very long and thin or tall and narrow image just one pixel wide or high but many hundreds in the other dimension.

Increase the size of the canvas so there is space to stretch out you line of pixels.

Ctrl-T to transform then stretch your image along it's narrowest side... the results of this can be seen below.

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